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What is a Taxi Vehicle

School Bus Insurance coverage provide insurance coverage against any school bus or staff bus happened at any uncertainty like an accident or if the vehicle get stolen.

A taxicab, also known as a taxi or a cab, is a type of vehicle for hire with a driver, used by a single passenger or small group of passengers, often for a non-shared ride. A taxicab conveys passengers between locations of their choice. This differs from public transport where the pick-up and drop-off locations are decided by the service provider, not by the customers, although demand responsive transport and share taxis provide a hybrid bus/taxi mode.

Cars such as Toyota Etios, Maruti Omni, Mahindra Logan, Tata Indica and Tata Indigo are fairly popular among taxicab operators. The livery of the taxicabs in India varies from state to state. In Delhi and Maharashtra, most taxicabs have yellow-black livery while in West Bengal, taxis have yellow livery. Private taxicab operators are not required to have a specific livery. However, they are required by law to be registered as commercial vehicles.

Car Rental Industry:

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 Market Segmentation by
 On and Off airports
 Organized and Unorganized Market
 Business and Leisure Trips
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What's Covered in a Commercial Taxi Insurance:

  Personal Accident :   If there is an accident of your taxi/cab, leading to an injury or death of the owner.
  Third Party Losses :   Any damages caused by your taxi/cab to a third party or its passengers.
  Towing Disabled Vehicles :   Any damages caused to your taxi/cab in cases where it’s being towed.
  Accidents :   Damages caused to your taxi/cab in case of an accident.
  Theft :   Loss or damage of your taxi/cab due to theft.
  Fire :   Damages caused to your taxi/cab due to a fire.
  Natural Disasters :   Damages caused to your taxi/cab due to any natural calamity.

What's Not Covered in a Commercial Taxi Insurance:

  Own Damages for Third-Party Policy holder :   In the case of a Third-Party Liability Only Policy, damages to own vehicle won’t be covered.
  Drunk Riding or without a Licence :   If the owner-driver of the claimed for taxi is drunk or driving without a valid licence.
  Contributory Negligences :   Any damage caused due to a contributory negligence of the owner-driver (such as driving when there’s an existing flood)
  Consequential Damages :   Any damage which is not a direct result of the accident (e.g. after an accident, if the damaged taxi is being used incorrectly and the engine gets damaged, it will not be covered)

Taxi Companies in India:

  Ola Cab
 Meru Cab
  Avis India
  Savaari Car Rental
  Taxi for sure

Claims :

  Inform insurance company immediately and keep the following details on hand
  Please refrain from dismantling or repairing the vehicle before survey is completed.
  Survey will be arranged on receipt of claim intimation and submission of detailed estimate of repairs from the repairer
  Documents must be provided to the repairer/surveyor prior to survey.
  Duly filled and signed claim form. Please note that it is mandatory to update Aadhar and PAN details. For company owned vehicles, signature of authorized signatory along with company seal is required.
  Registration Certificate of the vehicle along with photocopy. Original to be verified and returned.
  Driving License of the driver at the time of accident along with photocopy. Original to be verified and returned.
  Valid Fitness certificate along with photocopy. Original to be verified and returned.
  Insurance company does not require you to submit any permit, MVI report, trip sheet/ load challan/ way bill, tax token or post mortem report.
  FIR from police station if third party death/ injury or property damage.
  If the claim amount exceeds Rs. 1,00,000, we require a copy of your PAN Card along with a recent passport photo.
  Other documents may be requested based on the requirements of the claim.
  .If all documents are found to be in order, we will arrange for cashless facility. You may collect the vehicle after completing a satisfaction voucher and paying any amount as required.
 For Non cashless claims (reimbursement claims), original cash bill or Invoice with cash receipt is required for settlement of claim.
  Vehicle may have to be produced for re-inspection, if requested by surveyor.