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School Bus Insurance coverage provide insurance coverage against any school bus or staff bus happened at any uncertainty like an accident or if the vehicle get stolen.

School Buses or staff buses are usually used for transporting students/staff to their residential places to the schools or offices and the safety of students or staff is at at-most priority to every school bus or staff bus owner.

So it is a very important to know the benefits and also vital to compare school bus insurance online available from all the insurers in India.

Why School/Staff Bus Insurance Is Critical To Have All The Time ?

School Bus Insurance or Staff Bus Insurance is important in India as it provide security against any unforeseen misshapen. Also it provides assurance to any damages to vehicle as well as third party losses occurred during an accident.

Most often the school buses are owned by school itself or a person can provide a commercial bus to operate for the school activities only hence requiring a hired driver to drive the vehicle which makes it more important to cover the driver's insurance as well as students and all third party losses.

Benefits Of School/Staff Bus Insurance

Listed below are some salient features of school/staff bus insurance:

 Provides cover for any bodily injury or demise of the driver.
  Cover in case of any legal implications following the demise or injury of a third-party.
 Cover in case of any man-made calamity such as theft, vandalism, fire and so on. It gives you peace of mind in case of incurred unwanted fiscal cost due to an accident or mishappen.

Third Party Bus Insurance Vs Comprehensive Bus Insurance

School/Staff buses are one of the most convenient ways of transportation used by the students to commute. The two types of school bus insurance are listed below:

  Comprehensive School Bus Insurance Comprehensive school bus insurance policy offers complete protection for any damage or loss incurred to your vehicle as well as protects the interest of the third-party. comprehensive bus insurance is best recommended over third-party liability school bus insurance.

 Third Party School Bus Insurance : Third Party Insurance provide coverage to the losses occurred to other person or property which was damaged due to the insured vehicle in case of an accident.

School Van:

School vans are conventional cans which are converted to attain school bus requirements. Major modifications are done to the vehicle and the important one is cutting the roof off to increase the height and welding in a full roll cage. SCHOOL VANS are manufactured to contain 10 passengers including the operator.

School/Staff Bus Insurance Companies In India

 ICICI Lombard General Insurance
 Reliance General Insurance
 Shriram General Insurance
 Go Digit General Insurance
 Tata Aig General Insurance
 Future Generali General Insurance
 And Most Of The Companies Offer School Bus Insurance In India.

School Bus Insurance & Staff Bus Insurance

On PolicyLobby.com we have tied with insurance companies which provide highest discount for school bus and Staff bus insurance. We offer upto 99% Discount on Own damage premium for School Bus which are registered on School's Name and upto 90% discount on own damage premium for School Bus which are registered on Individual names and have agreement with The School. Upto 85% own damage discount is available for Staff buses which have proper permit and agreement with the organization they are attach with.